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3 Sep, 2020 Yes, i would like to receive updates, newsletters & information from your site. 28 Jul, 2020 No 2020-01-23T07:13:40.570+02:00 No attached data sources 55b0b59de6Field of the Invention This invention relates generally to a food processing system and method, and more specifically to a food processing system and method that prevents food from sticking to the wall of the food processing vessel. Description of the Related Art The food processing industry, as well as all other industries, constantly strive to make their processes more efficient and cost effective. Often, efficiency improvements are achieved by the elimination of unnecessary steps or by the minimization of required steps. However, one of the most costly and time-consuming steps in the food processing industry, and in other industries as well, is the transport and storage of food products. Food is typically transported and stored in bulk in transport containers, including transport pails, boxes, and trays, which are difficult to clean and tend to become contaminated themselves. In addition, such transport containers are typically not stackable, meaning that multiple containers must be stored and/or transported in a single container, increasing the overall storage space required. Because of the time-consuming nature of transporting and storing food, and the difficulties associated therewith, various types of food processing systems and methods have been developed for the preparation of food and the storage of food. In food preparation, food is often prepared by continuous process systems, in which food is prepared in a continuous, mechanically operated system. In continuous processing, food is moved from one process station to another process station while being partially processed or cooked. Continuous processing systems and methods are commonly used in the food processing industry because they provide greater processing flexibility than batch processing systems and methods. Further, continuous processing systems and methods allow for the more efficient use of resources. Continuous food processing systems and methods, however, have several disadvantages. First, because the raw ingredients, which are typically stored in bulk, are moved through the process stations, they are typically not separated from each other. As a result, any contaminants in the bulk food are also conveyed to the food process stations. Thus, cleanout of the continuous processing system becomes more difficult and time-consuming as the food processed therein becomes contaminated. This is

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Kodakprinergyevo52crack BEST

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